[This section and the following "straws" section, are examples of an effort to use the internet to change the world that yet requires a bit of momentum. It is not yet certain that the concept was unfeasible, as some of the orignal land trashers have sold out to other entities and there is some slight possibility that this public condemnation was responsible. The problem is that there has been little public interest in making the effort. That is perfectly understandable. ¿Why should the fight be specifically waged here when in truth it should be waged everywhere? Money is still the master of what we do and not do, no matter how foolish it may be in terms of emergy.]

Piling Up Straws on a Camel

¿Why bother focussing upon a single area when we can all see environmental degradation and ecological ignorance wherever we look? Each of us would rather see change in the area that our heart knows, and so we place our straw upon that camel's back, hoping that somehow it will weigh beyond its measure. But it is no more than a plaintive leaf falling from the tree, and few have ever known a camel to kneel from the placed burden.

Get one camel down, loudly, publicly, and it should make it easier to down another in a different place, for we will have the acquired experience. Camels will know that they can be downed.

This valley has streams of money that come from Japanese golf curse collectors, builders of nuclear submarines and Canadian land speculators, movies stars and moguls, and it even has the presence of Bill Gates, with a club house of his on the far right side of the mountain shown above. This is a big camel, for such a little unheard of place. But what curious names, "Continental", then "Green Valley", along the wretched remains of the Santa Cruz River, "Holy Cross".

If we place enough straws upon its back, it will go down. The Battle of the Santa Cruz may have to be fought by every person from every corner of the Earth who would stand in a redwood tree to save it, but if there are enough straws of awareness and focus placed, if the young begin to persuade their parents to bring them here so that they might ponder the stupidity behind what is advertised as the "American Dream", it shall kneel down.

One can desire with all their heart to build a more intelligent community, to seek the Way. But one of the first steps is fighting to make sure there is enough good land left on which to build it around. That is why this stopping of stupidity is a logical struggle in any effort to create the new. It is the new though, that we really wish to see manifested and in which we would like to live.

With politeness, one can dare to knock on the stranger's door.
With politeness, the stranger may well listen, even if not hear.

¿E-mails, the only straws we have?

Richard Walden <> The president of Farmers Investment Co., the company owning the dwindling green trees, a member of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Board, in possession of "Beyond Oil" by Gever et al but admittedly "a poor reader". Initially a bottom line man who fought to preserve the value of the farmland to the golf curse builders in case it should prove impossible to profitably farm, my cousin might surprise even himself through a new found relationship with the land conservacy organizations that purchase the development rights of farmland and thus forever deny thereupon the asphalt labyrinth -- the next step would be to modify the regional usage of water so that it could be used upon the farmland after being raised from the aquifer for human usage: raised once, used twice.

Ray Carroll <> The county supervisor for the southern golf curse district #4, Pima County, Arizona. Has briefly looked at Campbell's oil depletion charts from "The Golden Age of Oil". Has heard the saying that politicians can respond to a crisis but they cannot prevent one. Two other supervisors are Mike Boyd <>, and chairperson Sharon Bronson <> They have the local power to decide whether golf curse building will ever be halted due to the arrival of ecological awareness.

Green Valley News and Sun, local fish-wrapper, wouldn't know what a Hubbert Curve was if it was sitting on top of them.

Green Valley Community Water Company ¿Do something as intelligent as require that water used first by humans be left suitable for use by agriculture, or prohibit the watering of golf curses with drinking water? Nah, that would be un-American.

Council Members of Sahuarita, Arizona These people are charged with differentiating between creation of that which is sustainable versus simply furthering the interests of the builders. It is important to remember which side their immediate bread is buttered on —as usual, growth at any cost., Hey! You can always try. I did, twice.

Run-of-the-Mill Short-Sighted Profiteers

I refuse to honor the below with the misnomer of developer, for they have not enough consciousness of the realities of petroleum exhaustion and the consequences, to be able to do anything worth calling development. My father says the town of Sahuarita was founded for the benefit of a handful of builders. This project pertains to one of them —Sharpe. He built a 10 acre artificial lake so that he could cash in on the higher property values proximately generated, and then talked the city into accepting it as a "gift", which of course they will have to pay to maintain. This rancho resort project entails the destruction of some 450 acres of farmland at an ecological cost of between 45 and 90 billion dollars in terms of emergy.

Fairfield Homes, The original mover in the area, bought the land from the green tree farmers. Their implementation of flat land design upon the hillsides of the valley brought so much eroded sand down into the river that the I-19 bridge washed out. They are the ones so hot to trash out Canoa, with you guessed it, yet another golf curse. ¿Where did they come from? ¿Connecticut? They don't have the foggiest idea of what it would be to build the sustainable, not the foggiest, not in the desert and you can bet not in Connecticut. They are worried most about cashing out quick, before any potentially hard times get them; the only sustainability they contemplate is that of the rate of return on their capital.

Tucson Medical Center They are originally responsible for building upon the land shown in 1 Hectare, and could care less about the ecological cost of what they are doing. ¿Why should they?, if almost nobody else does.

Dorn Homes There are now two token pecan trees left on the hundreds of acres that they have converted to golf curses and surrounding homes. The total ecological loss represented by soil conversion to asphalt and building is between twenty and forty billion dollars in terms of emergy.

Madera Reserve One of the rare local areas open to all age groups. Very expensive housing in relation to what can be earned from working locally, with an average sewer connection cost of $17,000. People who live here commonly assume that they will forever be able to commute in their individual vehicle to Tucson, some thirty miles away. The idea of a sustainable practice such as the separating toilet to allow their water to be recycled into agricultural use would be like a slap in the face to the self-image of these people.

Madera Highlands What a lie this is. They show you how the land was before they got there, as if that is what you are going to get when you get there. RIIIIGHT.

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