Aurobindo, Sri

Selected quotes from The Human Cycle, ISBN 81-7058-469-8

It is evident that however much we may analyse the physical and sensible, we cannot by that means arrive at the Knowledge of the Self or of ourselves or of that which we call God. The telescope, the microscope, the scalpel, the retort and alembic cannot go beyond the physical, although they may arrive at subtler and subtler truths about the physical. If then we confine ourselves to what the senses and their physical aids reveal to us and refuse from the beginning to admit any other reality or any other means of knowledge, we are obliged to conclude that nothing is real except the physical and that there is no Self in us or in the universe, no God within and without, no ourselves even except this aggregate of brain, nerves and body. But this we are only obliged to conclude because we have assumed it firmly from the beginning and therefore cannot but circle round to our original assumption. (Aurobindo; The Synthesis of Yoga —The Status of Knowledge, pg. 287)

(One of the greatest affirmations of Existence, from the Indian Mind; possibly very lofty and grandiose to the western reader. His works can be found at many university libraries, or purchased at http://sabda.sriaurobindoashram.org) [ Don't you be running away from your soul, boy. And don't let them fool you into thinking you ain't got one, with they long twisty ideas and big words. 'Cause when a man be havin' to ask if he's got a soul, he's already in a world o' hurt —even if he don't know it. ]

Bentley, R.W.

Global Oil & Gas Depletion: an Overview (.pdf) 2002, (An examination of the conclusions of Campbell and Laherrère, by the Department of Cybernetics, University of Reading, Whiteknights, Reading, Berkshire, UK.)

Campbell, Colin J.

(One of the more determined, retired Petroleum geologists, whose affirmation that oil cannot be for long exhausted at a rate faster than discovery, remains irrefutable. The debate is centered upon how soon the crows shall caw, or whether they have already cawed —into a silence of induced public ignorance.)

Presentation to House of Commons Committee July 7, 1999

Peak Oil: A Turning for Mankind (.pdf) April, 2001

Peak Oil: an Outlook on Crude Oil Depletion (Revised February 2002)

The End of the Age of Oil (.mp3; Sept 2, 2002; Radio Internet Story Exchange Audio; 33.1MB)

Catton, William R., Jr.

The Problem of Denial October, 1995 (An inquiry into public denial of ecological overshoot.)

Malthus: More Relevant Than Ever August, 1998 (Reconsideration of Thomas Malthus in light of modern ecological knowledge.)

Chay, Dan

Are Human's Smarter Than Yeast?(.wmv) (.mov) (8 min. A derivation of Al Bartlett's work to explain the quickness with which exponential growth can vanquish the wishful thinking of society.)

Chomsky, Noam

On the Middle East April 25, 2002(Noam Chomsky discusses the current conflict in the Middle East, the history of U.S.-Israeli relations, and the fate of Palestine. From one competent at unravelling the deceptions of "politics" and the real motivations.)

Chossudovsky, Michel

America at War in Macedonia June 14, 2001 (Reflection upon oil derived reasons for U.S. involvement in Kosovo, from an economic perspective of naked power politics.)

Clifford, J. Wirth

Peak Oil: Alternatives, Renewables, and Impacts (.pdf) October 6, 2007, "In the coming years, the U.S. faces multiple energy crises. Each crisis will generate delays in handling other crises, thus making it more and more difficult to address multiplying problems. The worse things get, the worse they will get. A grid lock of crises will paralyze the nation." Good summary of the main themes of Peaked Oil.

Daly, Herman

Sustainable Development & OPEC  (.pdf) (Considered by many to be the founder of Ecological Economics; a presentation including the necessity to scale the economy to ecological reality.)

Dittmar, Michael

The Nuclear Energy Option: facts and fantasies (.pdf) September, 2007

Donnelly, Thomas

Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century: A report of the Project for the New American Century ;Sept 2000; "At present the United States faces no global rival. America's grand strategy should aim to preserve and extend this advantageous position as far into the future as possible" (The Planning for American Hegemony. The little men of politics who have no more imagination than to continue playing King of the Mountain.)

Duncan, David James

A Prayer for Water and Children (Reflection upon the deliberate destruction of the Iraqi water infrastructure and sanctions preventing its repair, courtesy of the US Gulf War and aftermath.) One of the Defense Intelligence Agency documents cited in the above work, Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities

When Compassion Becomes Dissent (A longer follow-up to the above article.)

Duncan, Richard C.

World Energy Production, Population Growth, and the Road to the Olduvai Gorge  (.pdf) May, 2001 (A focus on the energy situation from the perspective of the importance of electricity to modern society.)

The Olduvai Theory: Terminal Decline Imminent Spring, 2007 (recent update positing 2007 as Peak of Oil Production)

Einstein, Albert

Why Socialism? (Albert did not have the opportunity to envision the internet, and so he proposes a planned society, when in fact there is the better possibility of a "social design" as distinguished by William Ophuls in Ecology and the Politics of Scarcity Revisited, in an evolution of environmental emergy accounting.)

Energy Watch Group

Coal report (.pdf) March 2007, "Global coal reserve data are of poor quality, but seem to be biased towards the high side. Production profile projections suggest the global peak of coal production to occur around 2025 at 30 percent above current production in the best case."

Fleming, David

After Oil November, 2000 (Reflections upon how the exhaustion of dinosaur blood will be met by societies.)

Fridley, David

Myths of Biofuels (.wmv) (.mov) 2007, (88 min. Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory)

Friedemann, Alice

Peak Soil: Why Biofuels are Not Sustainable and a Threat to America's National Security 2007

Gage, Richard

How the Towers Fell(.wmv) (.mov) 2007 (119 min. One of the more evolved examinations of the anomalies in the 9/11 events as reported by the Government. Requires an intuitive grasp of physics.) [ Big business and government suffer from the same disease. It's called lying like a sack of doggy dicks. ]


07-283 Crude Oil: Uncertainty about Future Oil Supply Makes It Important to Develop a Strategy for Addressing a Peak and Decline in Oil Production(.pdf) February, 2007 (A Government Accounting Office report recognizing the necessity to be in motion well before the Peaking of Oil Production, which naturally avoids the possibility of threatening "Holy Growth" as every government office and official must, by allowing for a very broad time range within which the Peak should occur.)

Gray, John

Will Humanity be left home alone? August 30, 2002 (Population growth, and species extinction)

Hanson, Victor Davis

From Why the West Has Won, and Will November, 2001 (The American Conservative Declaration in a nutshell. As great change becomes imperative, the conservatives will be completely at a loss for intelligent action, because change is something they never contemplate.)

Hardin, Garrett

The Tragedy of the Commons 1968 (A classic treatise on population growth, which resolves that there is no consciousness reachable by humankind within the present economic system which can manage well the commons.)

Heinberg, Richard

An interview with the author of "The Party's Over"(.mp3) (Perspective on depletion from the vantage of Human Ecology.)

Hirsch, Robert

Peaking of World Oil Production: Impacts, Mitigation, & Risk Management (.pdf) February, 2005, High level government preoccupation with the consequences of peak oil; begins with the assumption that maintenance of private transportation is a requisite goal; proposes massive increase of coal industrialization.

Jackson, Jeremy

Brave New Ocean: External Link 2007 [http://maozi.middlebury.edu/u?/diglectarc,163] (Overfishing, habitat destruction, global warming and other human-induced activities have contributed to a severe decline in ocean biodiversity, yet public awareness of the changes — and their implications for the future — has been minimal.) (The rapidity by which ecological change can overcome our presumed stability.)

Jones, Steven

Revisiting 9/11/2001 -- Applying the Scientific Method (.pdf) May, 2007 (High level physics analysis of 9/11 anomalies.)

Klare, Michael T.

Wahington's Oilpolitik July 8, 2002 —"It's not just Saddam's doomsday arsenal that haunts the Bush White House — it's the thought of his oil falling into the hands of Russia, China and Europe."

Klein, Naomi

The Shock Doctine(.wmv) (.mov) 2007 (6 min Relating Interrogation Techniques, Economics, and Public Attitudes.)

Korpela, Seppo A.

Oil depletion in the United States and the World April 28, 2002 "The implications of this decline are severe".

Korten, David

Prisons of the Mind; chapter from "The Great Turning: from Empire to Earth Community"

Kuuskraa, Vello A.

Challenges and Concepts for Long Term Oil and Natural Gas Supply Modeling (.pdf) August, 2001 (Proponent of the idea that technology will stay so ahead of demand, that we need not now worry about supply decline. Because of the time needed to create a transportation infrastructure, this requires a blind faith that the existing system will essentially also be that of the future. Comments on this paper, by Jean Laherrère, below.)

Laherrère, Jean

Another retired Petroleum geologist, with great strength in mathematics.

Comments on the Paper "Challenges and Concepts for Long Term Oil and Natural Gas Supply Modeling"; Sept 20, 2001

Opec and the global energy balance: towards a sustainable energy future (.pdf); Sept 28, 2001; OPEC seminar, Vienna, Austria

Estimates of Oil Reserves (.pdf); June 10, 2001; EMF/IEA/IEW meeting; IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

Is USGS 2000 assessment reliable?; May 2, 2000

Reserve Growth: Technological Progress or Bad Reporting and Bad Arithmetic; Geopolitics of Energy; Issue 22 #4, p7-16, April 1999.

Oceanic Hydrates: an Elusive Resource

Comments on the book:"Hubbert's Peak: the Impending World Oil Shortage" written by K.S. Deffeyes, 2001 Princeton University Press.

Martin, Al

The Case for Sedition (A Muckraker's view; "nobody makes any money without a bogeyman")


Essay Examination of the World Problematique in relation to the social and individual consciousness engendered by the economic system, and the need imposed by the reality of global finitude to transcend both, and the Way. (1987...)

Is Money Intelligent Enough? (wmv) (mov) (8:50 min September, 2008)

Orlov, Dimitry

Closing the Collapse Gap 2006 (An examination of the differences between the Soviet Union and the U.S. in relation to ability to experiment economic collapse.)

Partridge, Ernest

Perilous Optimism 2000 (A point by point consideration of Cornucopian Optimism.)

Pfeiffer, Dale Allen

What Will Be the Next Target of the Oil Coup? December 18, 2001 (¿¿Connecting the dots between oil and recent current events??)

Price, David

Energy and Human Evolution March, 1995 ("The use of extrasomatic energy, and especially energy from fossil fuels, has made it possible for humans to exploit a wealth of resources that accumulated before they evolved.")

Reynolds, Douglas B.

The Mineral Economy: How Prices and Costs Can Falsely Signal Decreasing Scarcity (" It is conceivable that after one hundred years of price decline and production increase, that a resource can have a ten or one hundred fold price increase within a year or two, with a corresponding decline in production.")

Siegfried, Matt

What's behind the U.S. War Moves on Iraq? August 29, 2002 (Crony Capitalism in the U.S.)

Simmons, Matthew R.

Revisiting the Limits to Growth: Could The Club of Rome Have Been Correct, After All? (.pdf) (An oil industry insider, always torn between what he sees and what he must say before the industry.)

Speech (.wmv) (.mov) Association for the Study of Peak Oil, 2006 USA Peak Oil Conference, Boston

Peak Oil Now(.wmv) (.mov) 2007 (5 min. Bloomberg interview of a worried man in a position to know, affirming the Peak of Oil production.)

Soros, George

Why the markets can't fix themselves. Busted

Storm van Leeuwen & Smith

Nuclear Power: the Energy Balance (.pdf) August 6, 2002 (Where all the nuclear fission material is not going to come from.)

Thomson, Bruce

The Oil Crash and You; (.pdf); (.wp6); (El colapso del petróleo, y usted:); 2000 (Often consulted, a web-based, many-linked investigation of the likelihood of an oil crash and the seemingly unavoidable consequences; the author's process of convincing himself.)

Youngquist, Walter L.

Myths and Realities of Mineral Resources 1997, chapter 27; GeoDestinies


Mysteries and Demolitions (.wmv) (.mov) (118 min. Another of the more evolved examinations of the anomalies of the three collapsed World Trade Center buildings as reported or ignored in the case of the third, by the U.S. Government.)